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Finding IMO Documents on the shelves: Introduction

A guide to print versions of IMO Documents located on Bays 46 to 63 of the MKC


The MKC's print collection of IMO Documents includes documents dating from the founding of the Organization until approximately 2011 in some instances.  Documents in all official languages of the Organization, which were in effect at the time of printing, are shelved together.  Print versions are no longer added to the MKC collection.

Documents from 2000 to the present, can be found in IMODOCS (Registration required).

NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control documents may be incomplete on the MKC shelves and/or may be incomplete within IMODOCS.

IMO meeting ACRONYMs are useful to locate material in Bays 46 to 60 (IMO Documents).  The meeting acronyms and their meanings are detailed in the pages of this guide and are searchable within the search box (above right).

Circular Letters are located in BAY 63; Circulars are located in Bays 61-63; Notes Verbales are located in Bay 63.